“There is one major quality that my clients respect, and that is reliability. Every time I meet someone, instead of giving them a business card, I ask for their email address. I immediately send them an email thanking them for the nice meeting, or nice conversation. A video card is the perfect way to do this. The video gets a level of attention that you can’t gain in a plain Jane email. If the prospect really enjoyed my presentation then they will email my video card to someone they know. The absolute best lead is a “word of mouth” lead.

My clients absolutely love my video card. I receive a lot of complements on the card.

As far as the company Video Sales Rep goes, Mike G. does incredible work, he is a straight shooter. He does what says and says what he does. I have found that Mike is also very proud of his work and takes it very serious. This is a quality hard to find today.”
- Nathan Singer, The Intelligent Office

“The Video SalesRep tool is a must for all sales people in today’s busy world of communications because of the ability to reach out and deliver your message to your customer. The product has be in use at Intelligent Office for six months and we recommend that all sales people use this product.”
- Brian Omara, GoVirtual Suites

“VideoSales Rep is not just a video email. The built in tracking lets me know every time that my card is passed on to another prospect. It is amazing how viral these things become. Everybody forwards my card on to their contacts.”
- Troy Benn, VisionLine Media

"Mike does what he says….outstanding customer service."
- Ron Adams, United Dispatch, Inc

“I’ve had my Video Business Card for several years and use it regularly.  It has helped me get in doors more easily since people can view our flash video introduction online.  The tracking functionality alerts me to who is viewing our promo so I can follow up on the telephone.   I’m certain more people take my call after having virtually viewed a brief video of our services.  It’s an effective marketing product at a very reasonable price.
- Ron Adams, Networkfob.com

“We utilize the VideoSalesRep.com video tour of our facility to send a detailed 60 second video of who Road Scholar Transport is and the services we offer in all our sales reps email signatures.  The custom email signature file makes our video tour available in every Outlook email we send.”
- Jim Friel, Director of Sales

“I use my Video Business Card to shorten my sales call cycle.  Having the ability to send a flash video presentation on our services shortens my sales cycle by at least one call.  Once I receive the automated racking email I can follow up with my prospect and discuss specific details of their needs rather than go over our services.”
- Robert Harris, Owner, Harris Digital Services, Inc.

"We use our Video Business Card as a follow up tool for customers who have purchased our service to thank them for their business and provide valuable tips on maximizing their experience with our product support.  It’s engaging and effective to be able to do it with a personal video."
- Synergis Technology, Inc,

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