How do I have my video done?
We arrange for a qualified Videographer to come to your location.  All you need to do is be prepared with your elevator speech if your doing a personal Video Business Card.  Video Tours are a more collaborative event.

If I want to submit my own video what do I need to know?
We can allow you ftp access upon request or you can mail your content to our physical address on our "Contact us" page.  Acceptable formats are uncompressed raw video, 29.97 fps, 320 x 240 Mpeg, Avi or QuickTime.

Can I use a Webcam to produce my video? 
Definitely not.  Although the video quality is average the audio quality will not meet our standards.  If you want to do a DIY job you can use a quality camcorder but we recommend utilizing a wireless microphone rather than the camcorder microphone.   DIY projects must be paid in full in advance since we cannot guarantee the quality of the submitted content and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Is there a limit on the length of my video?
No.  We recommend 30 seconds for a Video Business Card.  You need to make your impression quickly.  Flash and Video tours can go  60 seconds plus depending on the complexity of the content.

Can I send My Video Business Card with a bulk mailing service?
Absolutely.  The source code from your content will integrate with most any bulk mailing program.  Contact our support department for help @

Technical Support for Existing Customers

As soon as you receive your new Video Business Card from us please follow these steps in order to make the retrieval and sending of your Video Business Card as simple as possible.

Storing Your VSR Card

You will receive a weblink to your account with VSR with username and password. To store your account access for easy retrieval simply open the link, then click; Favorites or Bookmark and add to favorites and name it. You may also access your account from our home page by clicking " login to your account".

Upload Card to Outlook Signature

Want to upload your Video Business Card to your Outlook Signature file? Click Here for a Video Tutorial.

Sending Your Card

Sending your Video Business Card is extremely simple. Follow the steps below;

1. Open Your Internet Browser

2. Click Favorites to access our sending interface. The "Quick Send" page will appear.

3. Type the name of recipient and emails address in the designated fields.

4. Review your personal Message.

5. Click "Preview". if you are satisfied with your message, click send. A confirmation page will appear.

Click Here for a Video Tutorial

Problems and Errors

If you are receiving errors or experiencing other problems with our sending interface, we ask that you report them to us immediately by sending a message to us via the form below. A member of our team will respond to your questions or concerns within 24 hours.

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