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VideoSalesRep is the brainchild of Mike Gaughan. In 1999 Mike was a sales representative for a successful trucking company who was always looking for new ways to get his message in front of potential clients.  Mike understood that the arrival of the Internet was going to radically change the way people to business, specifically salespeople. Mike had been using email to reach his clients and prospects but ran into resistance from folk who, unlike Mike were not early adopters of Internet and email technology. Most of these folks did not feel comfortable doing business with someone they could not see and hear from. This gave Mike an idea. In 2000 Mike began researching how he could use embedded video messages inside of the emails he was sending to his clients. He met up with a group of young Internet pioneers who built him a Web based system that would allow video email messages to be streamed directly through to his prospects. At the time this technology was absolutely astounding. Mike decided to call his invention VideoSalesRep.com

Since 2001 VideoSalesRep.com has provided salespeople with a unique tool to aid in prospecting for new clients. Mike has added a number of features to the system including: tracking software, a custom sending interface, video tours and custom video business card designs for each client. VideoSalesRep.com has become an essential prospecting tool for many companies nationwide and our client list continues to grow exponentially every year.

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